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Together with Maramures AJOFM (the County Agency for unemployed people), we are involved in a project called Services that encourage unemployed people to find a suitable job. The aim of this project is to help unemployed people, whether payed or not, to reintegrate on the labour market. Our team of job counsellors work across Maramures county (in Baia Mare, Sighetul Marmatiei, Borsa, Leordina si Targu Lapus), to offer unemployed people the following services:
  • Job counselling: analyzing the professional experience, prefferences and professional skills;
  • Help in getting a job: based on the results of the job counselling sessions, we facilitate unemployed people to get in touch with interested employers from Maramures county.
Together with an accredited company, we offer a large range of qualification courses that cover many fiels of interest:
  • constructions (brick and stone mason, house painter, mozaicar-faiantar, carpenter, blacksmith-iron worker);
  • Installations
  • Health and hygene (cosmetician, hair dresser ,hair stylist, nail artist);
  • Food (cook, baker, waiter, pastry cook, butcher);
  • Commerce (lucrător comercial);
  • Economy (accounting);
  • Tourism (tourism managemant, restaurant and bar management, hotel management).