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Organisational Diagnosis

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Organisational diagnosis includes all investigations to examine the current status of an organization. The method is used to identify and formulate real problems facing the organization, while providing optimal strategies for solving them.

A diagnosis should be on three central issues:
    • The interface between organization and environment (How stable is the environment in
        which the organization activates? What are the external forces that interact with the
    • Interaction between sub-systems organization (how the sub-systems organization interact
        to achieve organizational goals)
    • he interaction between individuals within groups and between groups in relation to
        themselves and their members

Diagnosis steps:
    • Collecting data for an overview view of the organization. Should be addressed the
        following issues: characteristics of the organization (ROSA), the environmental
        characteristics in wich that organization works and the interaction between the
        organization and its environment.
    • Organization and identification of data to determine the relationships between the
        disfunctional symptoms and the real problems of the organization.
    • Developing the theoretical integrative model of the process of diagnosis.
    • Presentation of the changeing model for the organization and obtain feedback on the
        implementation of this changes in the organization.