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Personal and professional development assisted by horses


“Horses are animals that naturally follows,
identify when a leader connatural”
Pat Parelli

The method is used for over 10 years in the world, now for the first time in Romania!

          Why horses?

training cai

Horses ignore the title or position that you have in an organization. They accurately reflect our behavior and give honest and immediate feedback.

Horses are animals that live in groups. They need a leader who knows the destination and the safest way to get there. Therefore they respond only to a congruent leadership style.

          How does this program work?

All activities are designed to simulate actual scenarios from the workplace. Assisted by a psychologist and a specialist, each participant must convince the horse to follow a certain route with obstacles. If you manage to convince a horse to trust and follow you, you'll be able to realize your attitude and what is the appropriate relational towards people. The horses can help us (re)learn to activate and cooperate with others without being authoritarian!

All activities are filmed, review and analyzed in detail with our team of specialists.
    • examining our own behavior, we become aware of behavioral patterns that we use
       frequently and that prevent us to reach our goal.
    • examining the horse - the reaction or absence of reaction to us, we can better
       understand what methods work and ar more influent with others.
    • all the informations can be transferred easily in our professional life and can cause
       a positive change in behavior.