Classical Trainings

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Communication is essential to achieve objectives.


    • Understanding the mechanisms of communication
    • Knowing the types of messages (simple, ulterior
       and hidden) and the traps to be avoided
    • How to communicate with different personality
       types on different communication channels
    • Understanding the role of listening in
       communication and knowing the blocks to

training clasic

We offer a variety of trainings, and together we can create the training adapted to the specific needs of the company you represented.
      • The content and duration of the training will be adapted
         according to your needs
      • The optimal request of a training until the execution is 3

Other topics for training:
      • Sales and Negotiation Training
      • Project Management
      • Stress Management
      • The power of constructive conflict
      • Interpersonal Relationships in the organization
      • Emotional Intelligence

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